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Yemi Oviosu

Optimity Advisors
Algorithms can be used to improve our lives, but they may also pose risks both seen and unforeseen. I’m driven to explore their current and potential uses in our societies.

Carolin Möller

Optimity Advisors
I am enthusiastic about researching the opportunities and challenges of the digital age, including among others: legal/political implications of AI and new technologies, data protection and the digital economy.

Hugo Sant'Ana Pereira

Optimity Advisors
I am interested in designing, building and implementing innovative solutions that seize the opportunities of algorithmic-decision making, while being conscious and sensitive to its challenges.

Quentin Liger

Optimity Advisors
I am passionate about connecting people and creating discussion forums. Let’s connect if you’re interested in any aspect of algorithmic decision-making!

Lauren Smith

I think algorithms will positively transform society, but will also raise questions of fairness and civil rights. Proactively considering these issues will help us ensure this technology is inclusive and fair.

Jules Polonetsky

Algorithms are just math, but math that can be used by government or industry to shape our lives, for better or worse.  We need the tools to understand the intentions behind these lines of code, to safeguard human rights and individual autonomy.

Gabriela Zanfir-Fortuna

I am determined to identify the most appropriate legal and policy answers to demystify AI and algorithmic decision-making, allowing both innovation and protection of fundamental rights.

Brenda Leong

Algorithmic decision-making can be used to make processes more efficient, policies more equitable, and lives better. It’s imperative that we unlock this value while protecting civil rights and human dignity. 

John Verdi

I would like to see algorithms used to counter discrimination, rather be a cause of discrimination. To do so means hard work analysing the real meaning of "fairness."

Michael Veale

University College London
Machine learning systems enhance our ability to turn ordinary, mundane data that we leave behind everyday into sensitive data. Governing these systems in a proportionate and effective way is a considerable 21st Century challenge.

Reuben Binns

University of Oxford
Algorithms and AI are now in the public consciousness and prominent in the policymaking agenda; we now have the responsibility and opportunity to understand, interrogate and shape the increasingly influential role they play in our digital lives.

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